Consulting and architecture

Consulting is a sector that is largely unknown in the architectural industry. The big names limit themselves to outsourcing activities such as accounting and IT, or to sub-contracting part of a project to another firm.

Consequently, architecture firms do not benefit from the advantages that large engineering companies or industrial sectors derive from consulting services.

Sometimes however, the larger architecture offices are able to land on the shores of a different country, opening one or more branches. At this point, the staff – albeit a small minority – are opened up to the first confrontations: ideas, ways of acting and interacting, and different customer and public administration experiences.

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It is through comparison with others that opens the path towards new reflections.

However, the medium-small firms are deprived of this possibility, which among other things, make up the majority of the architectural industry.

These realities are generally made up of a streamlined structure with a one-way hierarchy that connects the intern with the Owner:

Owner/Partner –> Project Manager / Senior Architect –> Architect/Urban Planner –> Juniors

Generally, the people who work in the office have a rapport only with architects, since all the other professions constitute an external interface.

So, the presence of consultants can only represent a breath of fresh air on a personal and professional level. Moreover, for small firms it is even more evident that the consultant workforce comes to the rescue as a lung and buffer of personnel. This allows it to quickly scale its team and is necessary if it needs to de-bottleneck important milestones.

The last sometimes, it is a technical opinion on design ideas, many times it is advice and suggestions on setting up environments. It can be the stylistic improvement of living environments to increase the quality of life as to increase the value of the property on the market, or the setting up of commercial units.

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