Payment Policy

Last Update: 29/01/2019

1. Definitions and Interpretations

In this agreement the following definitions are used:

Airchitects as Airchitects

Client as Client

2. Method of payment

Airchitects use a third party to process payments. Airchitects third party payment processors accept payments through various credit, debit cards and by bank transfer, as detailed on their screen ( Credit card, Debit card, Master card, Visa, transfers ). Airchitects does not keep any records of the payment cards of any Clients.

3. Fees and Payments

(a) Upon the start of a collaboration the agreed percentage of the fee is due and payable on that day.

(b) The Client will be required to pay 60% deposit of the Clients agreed fee on the start  day of the collaboration excepting “High Quality Architectural Rendering” and stand-alone projects ( see below ). The balance of the fee, 40%, is payable as the final payment.

(c) Our collaboration is charged on a weekly basis and these payment terms are applicable to Airchitects services. All payments must be made on a weekly basis on the day the collaboration for those weekly services as completed.

(d) Airchitects is instructed internationally. Payments made by Clients which attract foreign exchange  costs and foreign exchange commissions, such charges are the responsibility of the Client.  Airchitects fees must be paid without deduction.

3. Taxes

All Clients must ensure and bear their own responsibility for payment of all taxes and charges appropriate to their country of residence and any such fees or taxes upon payment of Airchitects account, including any international taxes.

Airchitects is not responsible for the collection, reporting, remitting or payment of any such charges or taxes except those which are required by Airchitects to pay in law.

5. Trial Period

Airchitects offer a “Trial” period. This is a two day period, which if at the end of that time the Client is not satisfied with the work performance, the Client will be reimbursed the deposit payment. The trial period deposit is 40% of the total agreed fee for the service. The Balance of the fee, 60% must be paid at the end of that period. A second “Trial” period may be requested.

6. Refound Policy

(a) No refunds, full or partial, will be given unless agreed by Airchitects.

(b) Consideration to a refund will only be given if the Client requests the cancellation of the collaboration and the request is received before the collaboration has effectively started.

(c) Such a request will only be considered by Airchitects if the Client is reasonably and legitimately unsatisfied with the quality of the service.

(d) The Client must provide detailed and comprehensive proof of the dissatisfaction.

(e) The refund, if agreed, will only be given by agreement of both parties and upon clarification of the details relating to the refund.

(f) If the service is completed in accordance to the speciation agreed, any minor errors will not be deemed an acceptable reason for a full or partial refund.

7. Non Payment

Should there be an overdue payment by a Client, no further works will be done. No new services will be started and all current services for the Client will be suspended.

8. “High Quantity Architectural Rendering”

This type of activity requires a high degree of specialization and in most cases a tight action time. This in turn causes an extension to normal working hours. The quotation for this specialized service is entrusted to the program manager.

To request and speed up the quotation refer to the following LINK.

Payment terms for these services is 60% of the agreed fee upon initiation of the service and the balance of the remaining 40% payable upon acceptance of the product. Upon final payment, the product will be immediately available in a digital format.

9. Modifications to this payment policy

Airchitects reserves the right, at any time, to change the conditions of this payment policy. Such changes will be given by notice to the Client on this page. It is highly recommended that Clients check, on a regular basis, the contents of the page. Unless an objection is received in writing within 7 days of the date of the changes of this policy it will be deemed by Airchitects that the Client has accepted these changes an agrees to them in full.

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