Privacy Policy

Last update: 29/01/2019

1. Definitions and Interpretations

In this agreement the following definitions are used:

Airchitects as Airchitects Ltd

Client as the Client Company

2. Non Disclosure Agreement

(a) Any professional artwork shared with Airchitects, in pursuance of our business with the Client, will remain the Clients. Once Airchitects has concluded its business any of the Clients artwork held on our files will be removed/destroyed. Airchitects undertakes that such artwork will remain confidential and for Airchitects own use and only used within the scope of our business together.

(b) Any Intellectual Property shared with Airchitects, in pursuance of our business with the Client, will remain the Clients. Airchitects undertakes to protect any such intellectual property whilst in the  use of Airchitects. Airchitects undertakes not too disclose such intellectual property to others  unless duly authorised by Airchitects  and in pursuit of our business together.  At the end of our business  together Airchitects will return all records or copies  of  any such  intellectual property of the Client as we may hold. Airchitects undertakes that such intellectual property shall remain confidential and for Airchitects own use and only used within the scope of our business together.

(c) During the time of our business together, should Airchitects meet any of the Client’s, clients, Airchitects undertake not to contact those  clients outside of our business together or at any time.

(d) During our business together Airchitects may disclose confidential information given to Airchitects for the purpose of our business together. In disclosing such confidential information the recipients, who need to know for the same purpose, will also know they owe a duty of confidentiality  and they will be bound by terms equivalent and equal this agreement.

(e) Nothing in this agreement will prevent either party from making any  disclosure of confidential information if required to do so by law or any competent authority, or in the pursuance  of a dispute resolution.

(f) Should the Client require an NDA agreement please specify your request in the “additional information” section of our Contact Form.

3. Data handling

Client’s Data

Should Airchitects need to collect or hold data on the Client or any personal data, during the time of our business together Airchitects will esure that only the data Airchitects needs to complete our business together will be collected and held.

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the collected data is correct. Should Airchitects discover any inaccurate or incomplete data Airchitects will erase or rectify the error within 30 days.

Non-personal Client data is held on the collaboration page of Airchitects management software and is considered to be and is treated as “sensitive.” Any personal data held, including any Airchitect/Client conversations will remain visible only to those parties.

At the end if our business together all such data will be erased subject to the terms of this privacy policy.

Data Ownership

The Client agrees that any images present within Airchitects portfolio can be used, at the sole discretion of Airchitects, for advertising purposes.

Data Storage

At the end of our business together all data held, including that which is held on Airchitects collaboration page will be deleted. The Client must esure that the Client has any information the Client wishes to retain  by way of the Client own back up.

Every reasonable effort will be taken by Airchitects to protect all personal and non-personal data held. Airchitects is not liable for any loss of such data in whatever form that loss takes.

Nor shall Airchitects be liable for any damages incurred by such loss how so ever caused.

It is the Clients sole responsibility to back up the data held.

Data Maintenance

Airchitects and the Client are each responsible for the content of their own data. This responsibility includes ensuring that the data is accurate, complete, reliable, useful, appropriate, true and integral. This applies to both non-personal and personal data.

Data Deletion

Any supplier of personal and non-personal data may delete their data at any time. At the end of their business together Airchitects may retain such data as may be required by law. Including but not exclusively for compliance with Fraud Prevention and Money Laundering Regulations or to assist in any disputes or enforcement of the agreement.

The Clients shared data will be, at the end of the agreement, deleted from all Airchitects active files. Both personal and non personal data will be retained in Airchitects archived files. This is not a back up file and no access to it for  that purpose will be available.

The client may delete their entire shared data, through the clients management software, by himself or by requesting Airchitects to do so.

4. Testimonials

Airchitects allows all Clients to supply any feedback, testimonials or endorsements. Such statements are viewed solely by Airchitects. Testimonials and feedback may, at the discretion  of Airchitects , be displayed on Airchitects site and attributed to the Client by name. Should the Client wish to be anonymous the Client should inform Airchitects of the Client wishes when giving the feedback.

Once received the content belongs to Airchitects but such statements made, by the Client, may be modified by the Client upon written request.

5. Third party linked sites

When using Airchitects site the Client may follow a linked site/or leave the site. Once the Client has left the Airchitects site Airchitects has no responsibility or liability for the content, claims, data collection or any other action or activity of that site. All the terms of Airchitects will no longer apply including, but not exclusively those which refer to the collection of personal and non-personal data. Airchitects does not endorse nor give its approval of any site visited via this route and accepts no responsibility for any action or statement or any other such thing in whatever form.

6. Modifications to this privacy policy

Airchitects reserves the right, at any time, to change the conditions of this privacy policy. Such changes will be given by notice to the Client on this page. It is highly recommended that Clients check, on a regular basis, the contents of the page. Unless an objection is received in writing within 7 days of the date of the changes of this policy it will be deemed by Airchitects that the Client has accepted these changes an agrees to them in full.

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