Why you need to give a vision at your business idea

while the business idea is the cement of your company's foundations, the vision is the iron armour that will ensure its durability

Everything stems from our business idea in a more or less hazy way. In fact, regardless of whether an idea is clear or not, in order to give it a concrete form we need two essential, practical and inexpensive tools. Paper and pen.

If you have an idea for a potential business in mind, it is because it is something that you are passionate about and which you often spend time thinking about, perhaps when you are mowing the lawn, taking a walk or, as I think happens more often,  while you are showering or sitting comfortably in the bathroom. Well, after these moments of enlightenment, you have to take a pen and give consistency to those ideas that otherwise would just continue to drift about your head like the hot steam in the shower.

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Once the form and appearance of a business model is set, we must provide for its ascension to hyperuranium, to detach it from the ground, baptizing it with a vision

When we think, invent or renew a business model, it is done by lowering it into the reality of everyday life. We cannot ignore this, also because we reason in terms of what is more available to us, and therefore all the information that surrounds and absorbs us. But the world that moves around us, actually runs on its own and rather quickly. So to avoid that our idea soon becomes obsolete, we must extrapolate a vision from our thought creation.

We must understand what it is we want to achieve by implementing that idea and what will be the effects that this will produce. We must summarize everything in a concise, strong formula that leaves an impact and gives a clear idea of where we are heading.

Here are some examples of vision statements that allow us to become familiar with the concept:

TESLA. To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

TED. Spread ideas.

TWITTER. To be the pulse of the planet.

Reading them it is clearly understandable what they want to do now, and what these companies want to achieve in the future. The vision must be projected into the farthest future because everything else (technologies, fashions, people …) is anchored to its own time frame.

the vision works like a lighthouse, the polar star, the southern cross

The vision not only allows us to better communicate with our partners, investors and colleagues, but allows us to find the road and the determination to face the problems that we will surely have to overcome.

Therefore, the vision is the goal of your business, if everything goes well in the end. What it will do every day and how it will serve the cause of your vision, takes the name of mission.

In the case of Airchitects, the two coincide:

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